•  We are proud to have developed a product that will help solve the challenges of skill fade and panic induced memory block.


  • All of our books are made from the strongest, most robust and innovative British materials that we could find because we want them to last. They're robust, made from synthetic waterproof and tear resistant materials (NOT LAMINATED PAPER) but they're not indestructible, nothing is, so please don't deliberately try to pull pages out, scratch the inks or try to tear the pages. Our books aren't cheep, but you get what you pay for and they are a high quality product.


  • They've been tested in remote and extreme environments, so if you accidentally take it for a swim or spill something on it that's not solvent based, you'll be able to wash it off, wipe it dry and carry on using it.


  • Our guides are also hand made in Britain. Every page is carefully inserted by hand and so from that perspective each book is regarded as being bespoke.


  • Despite the fact that both LIFESAVER, our printers and our assembly team take great care over manufacture and assembly, our people aren't robots and it's possible that every now and again a page may be a millimetre or so out of alignment. That doesn't make the product unusable, it's still an amazing product that saves lives.


  • The page sizes limit the use of long sentences and rely on short direct language to communicate what you need to do and as a result grammatical accuracy is sometimes sacrificed.


  • We hope that you'll be using our product for many years to save lives. Our Step-by-Step Guides put the ordinary person in control, providing the reassurance that if the worst should happen you'll be capable of taking the correct action, competently and with confidence, first-time every-time.


  • All of our Step-by Step Guides and the content of every publication, words, images, flow diagrams concept thereof  remains the intellectual property of LIFESAVER Publishing Ltd which is robustly protected by international copyright.  All rights reserved.


About your order:


  • Each and every order is incredibly important to us.
  • If you require any changes to your order please notify us. We kindly ask for a minimum of 1 weeks notice.
  • If at any point you have any questions, please let us know, we are always so pleased to hear from you.
  • At the point that your order is ready, we will pop a note along to confirm the dispatch of your item. Please keep an eye on your junk mail.
  • If you have a change of delivery address please let us know with a minimum of 1 weeks notice. If we attempt to deliver your item and we haven't been informed of a change of address, we'll kindly ask for postage to be re-paid. Please ensure that you have a confirmation from us for all address changes.
  • All of our books are delivered by Courier, if you have ordered more than 1 title, these items may arrive on different days.


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8. In some cases a credit account may be considered. Government agencies will be pre-approved for credit. Other organisations may request a credit application form and the establishment of a credit account is entirely at the discretion of LIFESAVER.


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11. Risk of loss shall pass on delivery and all delivery times are estimates only.


12. The LIFESAVER Step-by-Step Guides are a quality product. Printed in Britain and hand assembled in Britain, they are made from high quality materials that are waterproof and tear resistant. These products are robust but not indestructible. They are designed to withstand normal everyday use and accidental immersion in water and spills of none solvent based liquids. Because they are hand assembled each item is considered to be bespoke.


13. It is the Customer's responsibility to inspect the goods on delivery. Any visible defects in the goods must be notified to  LIFESAVER within 7 days of delivery during which time LIFESAVER shall repair or replace such goods free of charge. After this time any goods with visible defects may be replaced at the Customer's expense. The customer accepts that because these products are printed, there may be slight variations in colour which is normal in the industry. Our printers and our assembly team take great care over manufacture and assembly, our people aren't robots and it's possible that every now and again a page may be a millimetre or so out of alignment. This does not constitute a fault or grounds for return of the product because the product is still able to be used effectively.


14. Nothing in these terms shall operate to exclude or limit LIFESAVER's liability for death or personal injury caused by its negligence, any breach of the terms implied by section 12 of the Sale of Goods Act 1979 or section 2 of the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 or fraud.


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16. Each publication is designed to be an aid to memory, to be used in addition to not as a replacement for first aid training. The circumstances in which illness and injury occur can vary considerably and are outside of the control of the authors and publishers. If you suspect an illness or injury you should always seek medical advice. While great care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information contained within each publication, the authors and publishers do not accept any liability for any inaccuracies and shall not be liable for the mistreatment of any person or property however caused.


17.  LIFESAVER reserve the right to remove or amend any part of its publications without prior notice or consultation.


18. The Customer shall indemnify LIFESAVER for any loss or expenses caused as a result of providing inaccurate information to LIFESAVER, mistakes contained within the Customer's order, changes to the Contract requested by the Customer or personal injury or death caused by the Customer not following LIFESAVER guidelines correctly.


19. If the Customer becomes bankrupt or enters into liquidation, administration or administrative receivership or has a receiver of any of its assets appointed (or ceases or threatens to cease carrying on business) LIFESAVER shall be entitled to cancel any outstanding Contract(s) without liability to the Customer and any sums outstanding shall become immediately due and payable.


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